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Laser Gardening Tools


This article will discuss the available laser gardening tools and when they
are most useful.

Space Age Laser Gardening Tools

The space age touches all aspects of everyday life and gardening is no
exception. Laser tools used to be the sole province of commercial
contractors doing big jobs. That is no longer true. Laser gardening tools
have been developed for the small gardener's use. The advantages of the
laser tools are the same in the smaller tools as they are for the commercial
grade equipment.


Laser gardening tools are accurate. Laser technology takes the guesswork
out of measurements. It virtually eliminates bad measurements because you
didn't read a measuring tape right, which we have all done. Laser gardening
tools reduce mistakes in calculations. They are precise and take a lot of
the worry out of a measuring task. There has been many an expensive mistake
made in materials estimations and on total job costs because of bad
estimations at the planning and design stages.

At Least I Thought I Did

"I did measure between the plants. I planted them 5 feet apart. At least I
thought I did...." Does this sound like you? If so, you should have used
laser gardening tools on your job. What kind of laser tools are available?

* Laser levels for making sure an area is flat or even

* Laser tape for measuring area and distance

* Laser guides for power tools like miter saws and radial arm saws used on
landscaping projects such as decks

* Laser wall guides which show where to cut into a wall when attaching an
outside structure to an existing building

Laser technology has only begun to be applied to laser gardening tools. In
the future, there will be many more laser gardening tools available.

So Many Mistake Possibilities

In a landscaping job, there are so many possibilities for calculation
mistakes. Decks have been built to the wrong size. Additional materials had
to be purchased to finish a walkway. Lights along paths were set at
different distances that were supposed to be uniform. Mistakes such as
these not only can ruin a budget; they can destroy the beauty and ambiance
of your project. It hurts to look out your window at the newly landscaped
yard and see unfinished sections or asymmetrical lines due to wrong
calculations. Laser gardening tools are worth the cost.

Same Rules Apply

The same rules apply when shopping for laser gardening tools that apply to
shopping for traditional gardening tools. Look for competitive pricing,
quality, reliability and reputation. Laser tools can prevent
miscalculations on any landscaping or gardening project. It is space age
technology applied to something we have all used: a simple tape measure.


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